The first machine-room-less elevator in Korea to increase space efficiency in buildings
and to allow more flexibility in designing the hoistway layout and building skyline

  • Construction cost reduction
  • Installation period shortened
  • Refined design
  • Classification Low- and Mid-Speed Elevator (MRL)
  • Use Residential, Office, Educational, Commercial and public buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Small-sized residential buildings, studio apartment
up to 30 stories tall

Maximum Travel Height

1 ~ 2.5 m/sec


1,600 kg


24 persons

Max Passenger Capacity

Product Features

1. Less Installation Space

Lower Construction Cost & Maximum Space Efficiency

No need for machine room installation and a
shortened construction schedule reduce construction
costs and incidental expenses.

Space efficiency of buildings is improved due to
no need for machine room installation and
the minimum hoistway and pit depth.

Minimum pit depth: Topside arrangement of
the suspension structure results in a pit depth
of 1,200mm.

2. Reduced Energy and Maintenance Costs

Eco-Friendly High-Performance Traction Machine

This is the core of Hyundai’s technology.
The oil-free traction system does not need
lubrication of bearings, making it easy to
maintenance the elevator.

3. Improved Communication Features

Smart Indicator (Optional)

The smart indicator, an option for NEW YZER and YZER 1,
straightforwardly displays a number of information
such as date, time, floor and security on the LCD screen.
The built-in anion double cleaning and ultrasonic pest
control functions help create a pleasant air in the elevator.

Optional Features

Intelligent Building System (IBS) (card key)

Only those with a card key are allowed to use the elevator. This contributes to effective security and crime prevention.

Touch-less Foot Button

Those with difficulty using their hands or carrying things<br /> on both hands can press the button with their foot to call an elevator.

Multi-Beam Door Safety Device

The multi-beam sensor detects passenger movement and automatically opens the door, helping prevent accidents.

Antiviral Handrail

Made of antiviral material, the handrail serves to keep users from harmful virus.


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