A premium low- and mid-speed gearless elevator with a ride comfort matching
high-speed products as well as cost-efficient and eco-friendly features

  • Superior ride comfort
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency Class A
  • Classification  Low- and Mid-Speed Elevator (MR)
  • Use Residential, office, educational, commercial buildings, public buildings, hotels, hospitals
up to 30 stories tall

Maximum Travel Height

1 ~ 2.5 m/sec


1,600 kg


24 persons

Max Passenger Capacity

Product Features

1. Outstanding Ride Comfort

Highly Efficient Gearless Synchronous Motor

The gearless traction machine with a permanent magnetic synchronous motor provides up to 25% energy savings, compared to the geared traction machine with an induction motor.

Since no gear oil is used, oil change is not required, which makes it effortless and cost-efficient to maintain the elevator.

2. Exceptional Energy Saving

Regenerative Inverter (Optional)

The LUXEN obtained the Class A certification from TÜV SÜD, a German testing and certification institution, in the energy efficiency standard established by Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI), an engineering association of Germany.

The energy generated from elevator operation is recycled, reducing energy consumption by up to 60% (77.5% up in energy efficiency).

3. Enhanced Safety

Door with Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor & Double Brakes

Use of a permanent magnetic synchronous motor allows for a more compact structure and smoother opening and closing of the door, thus casing fewer failures.

Use of the double-brake system serves to enhance safety by allowing continuous operation even if a failure should occur in another brake (complying with the European safety standard EN81).

Optional Features

Smart Indicator

An industry’s first, the Smart Indicator displays date, time and other various information on the LCD screen.

Antiviral Handrail

Made of antiviral material, the handrail serves to keep users from harmful virus.

Touch-less Foot Button

Those with difficulty using their hands or carrying things<br /> on both hands can press the button with their foot to call an elevator.

Intelligent Building System (IBS) (card key)

Only those with a card key are allowed to use the elevator. This contributes to effective security and crime prevention.


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