Hyundai Asan Tower

Hyundai Elevator has increased R&D investments and developed innovative technologies in order to provide safer and more convenient means of transportation.

Hyundai Asan Tower

Hyundai Asan Tower, a world-class elevator test tower standing 205.2m above and 15m below ground level on an area of 4,351㎡, boasts ultra-high speed technology. The column that makes up the main frame of the tower is modeled after the Hyundai Group’s triangular logo and represents Hyundai Elevator’s flight into the future.

Installed Elevators
Ultra-High Speed Elevator

The nation’s fastest elevator with a speed of 18m/s

Double-Deck Elevator

A system with two cabs attached together vertically, one on top of the other.

Observation Elevator

An observation elevator with the world’s highest speed of 7m/s

Hyundai Asan
Test Tower Lobby

The destination selecting system is installed in the lobby of the tower in order to allow the visitor to select an elevator for the sky lounge.

Public Relations Gallery

The gallery introduces the history of Hyundai Elevator and provides a historical timeline of elevators in general. It also displays various awards and certifications that Hyundai Elevator has acquired over the years.

Auto-Parking Systems (APS) Gallery

The gallery introduces Hyundai Elevator’s auto-parking systems and provides
further information about its mechanical parking systems through information

Conference Room

The meeting room is fully equipped with multimedia conferencing facilities, such as beam projectors, and samples of elevator interior fittings.

Elevator Showroom

The showroom exhibits various elevators and escalators that visitors can see and compare the newest smart options, interior design, lightening, button, and etc.

Sky Lounge

Its circular design allows visitors a 360-degree view of the surroundings.

Research Facilities

The facilities include the Noise, Vibration and Load Laboratory to verify the technology and reliability of elevators.

Implication of Names of

Hyun Asan Tower and Chung Mong-Hun
R&D Center
Hyundai Asan Tower was named after the pen name of Hyundai Group’s honorary chairman, the late Chung Ju-yung. The tower embodies his spirit of entrepreneurism and the will of all the personnel to continue his spirit and build Hyundai Elevator into a world renowned company. And Chung Mong-Hun R&D Center was named after the late Chairman Chung Mong-hun, whose leadership in “Technology Independence” and “Technology Hyundai” was the springboard for Hyundai Group’s ascent as a world class corporation, and the name shows the strong commitment of all the personnel to continue his legacy of technological advancement.

Value of

Hyundai Asan Tower
With the architectural market around the world booming with new super high rise buildings,
a world class elevator test tower allows us to prove our technology and reliability of our ultra
high speed elevators in a test environment closest to a real live operational situation.

View the advanced technologies that have been developed at Hyundai Asan Tower.

Advanced Technology