Smart Technology

Hyundai Elevator provides smart connection between spaces and people. Convergence of its core technology and information technology will bring you efficient and convenient smart systems.

Convenient Smart Features
Smart Indicator

The smart indicator displays a number of information such as date, time, floor and security on the LCD screen.

Foot Button

This is the touch-less foot button for elevators. Those with difficulty using their hands or carrying things on both hands can press the button with their foot to call an elevator.

Touch-less Buttons

These touch-less buttons are suitable for those who are concerned about hygiene and infection as the buttons can be activated without being pressed with a finger.

Antiviral Handrail

Handrails in an elevator can be at high risk for exposure to virus.
Made of antiviral material, this handrail is safe from harmful virus.

Smart Design
Responsive Floor Lighting

The floor lighting allows some relief from psychological nervousness that can occur when personal space is invaded in a location with limited space. This adds a little fun to the ordinary elevator space.

LED Glass Elevator/Escalator (World’s First)

This is an elevator/escalator of novel concept with the world’s first transparent LED display. The display can be used so as to provide information in high-rise buildings with a fine view or in tourist spots.

Smart Security Control
Two-Way Video Call Device

This is a two-way video call device between the elevator and the call center. Breakdowns like being locked in an elevator can be handled quickly with the device as it helps to check the passengers’ safety and
conditions of the elevator.

Iris Recognition Security Device

The device is effective for security. Since elevators work through iris
recognition, any unauthorized access to the building can be prevented.

Crime Prevention System

This system is to prevent and detect crime in the elevator. In the case
of vibration or scream of over a certain level, an alarm is sent to the
janitor’s or management office and the elevator is moved to the nearest
floor and opened.

Smart Parking System
Parking System Winning a iF Design Award in 2017

The system allows for maximum convenience and space efficiency, and minimum management cost, benefiting both the operator and users. This will raise the value of the building.