Destination Selecting System

The destination selecting system for fastest arrival at a destination floor, is a system that features improved operating efficiency of elevators for buildings with high levels of traffic by encouraging passengers going in the same orientation  to board the same elevator and reducing waiting time and boarding time.

The passenger inputs a destination floor, and then the system analyzes the number of
passengers, departure and destination to call an optimal elevator.

*Suitable for places where the number of residents or foot traffic amounts to 1,000 or more such as skyscrapers, small and medium-sized office buildings, and shopping malls.

1Select destination Floor
2Analyze and Inform

Benefits of Destination Selecting System

01.Reduced Waiting Time &
Fast Arrival at Destination
  • The system selects the most efficient
    elevator for a destination floor, so decreasing
    the waiting time and unnecessary operations.
    It allows for optimal service of elevators.
  • The number of stops at floors is decreased,
    which reduces the riding time.
02.Energy Savings
  • The operating efficiency of elevators can be
    improved by 20 to 30%, resulting in energy savings
    of the building.
  • Suitable for high rise buildings with high levels
    of traffic.
03.Heightened Security
  • Connecting information technology
    to the building management system
    will help strengthen security.
  • Linking building access/ID cards to
    work with the elevator will automatically
    register the passenger’s destination into
    the system, providing convenience and
    preventing unauthorized entry.
04.Stylish Design
  • Won a product design award at the
    iF Design Award.
  • Customized design based on
    characteristics of the building