Regenerative Inverter

A Regenerative Inverter to reuse energy generated from elevator operation, is revolutionary green technology that recycles leaking power, ultimately saving energy by up to 64%.

Regenerative Inverter

This is an eco-friendly Regenerative
inverter that recycles the power generated
at the moment when the elevator car
ascends in a state lighter than the balance
weight or descends in a state heavier than
the weight. The power is regenerated
through the inverter to be used for other
purposes in the building.


Up to 64% Energy Savings

Certified by Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) in electromagnetic compatibility

Benefits of LOWATT
01.Energy Savings

Up to 64% energy savings, compared to the conventional method of energy consumption

02.Electricity Savings

Remarkable reduction in electricity bill
Electricity Bill of 18
Apartment Elevators
* In the case of 8-hour operation a day

03.Extended Life of Parts &
Decreased Product Failures

The energy is recycled to reduce heat emission from the machine room, which decreases thermal damage on parts and increases the life of parts, ultimately decreasing product failures.

04.Less Air Conditioning & Reduced Maintenance Costs

Reduced heat emission from the machine room entails less need for air conditioning, which results in reduction in maintenance costs.

Class A

The First Elevator in Korea that Acquired “Class A” in
German Elevator Energy Efficiency

Hyundai Elevator acquired the Class A certification from TÜV SÜD, a German testing and certification institution, in the energy efficiency standard established by Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI), an engineering association of Germany.