Jump Elevator

Jump Elevator, the best choice to shorten the construction period of high-rise buildings, can be used for construction purposes by installing the elevator in the initial construction phase. This is an optimum elevator for construction.

Benefits of Jump Elevator
01.Construction Period Shortened
  • The construction period reduced by up to 3.5 months,
    compared to commonly-used methods
  • The finishing work period reduced due to more convenient
    exterior works (e.g. curtain wall system)
02. Construction Costs Reduced
  • The cost reduced by 20%, compared to use of an external hoist (reduction in rental fee, labor cost and incidental expenses)
03. Transport Efficiency Improved
  • Transport efficiency improved by 35%, compared to an external hoist
  • Operable for 365 days a year regardless of the weather
  • 24-hour operable including night works due to no concern
    for noise
04. Energy Saving
  • Advantageous in energy efficiency and cost reduction, compared to an external hoist
  • More likely to win a contract due to eco-friendly construction methods
05. Enhanced Safety
  • Use of the hoistway inside the building provides a safe environment (prevention of falling materials).
  • Weather-proof operation due to indoor installation
  • Use of a traction machine for elevators results in high ride quality.
  • Safety is guaranteed by the anti-crash device (emergency stop device).
  • External Hoist: Transport equipment for construction purposes installed outside a building
  • Based on a 250m building (60 floors) (compared to an external hoist)

Jump Elevator 3D Film