What makes them select
Hyundai Elevator?

There are reasons for a company that a lot of people select

Hyundai Elevator, the Number 1 in Korea

World-Class Elevator & Escalator Technology

Reliable Manufacturing System

Quality and Safety Certified by the World

Eco-Friendly Energy Saving

Service beyond Customer Satisfaction


Hyundai Elevator, the Number 1 in Korea

“Top Ranked in Korea for 12 Consecutive Years”

Hyundai Elevator, the number 1 company with exceptional technology and speed in Korea, will raise
the value of buildings around the world.

* As of Dec. 2018

Elevator installation in Korea for 12 consecutive years

Market share in the Korean elevator maintenance market for 4 consecutive years

(Unit: KRW 100 Mil.)

Elevator production
(Number of units)


World-Class Elevator & Escalator Technolog

Hyundai Elevator’s technology – cutting-edge technology to guarantee safety and reliability, green technology to consider humans
as well as nature, and smart technology combined with Korea’s No. 1 IT technology – makes it a world-class company.

Advanced Technology

Hyundai Elevator's advanced technology to raise the building's value by verifying its safety and reliability

Green Technology

Hyundai Elevator's green technology to consider humans and nature as well as functionality and efficiency

Smart Technology

The most efficient smart technology combined with Hyundai Elevator's key techniques, accumulated know-how and IT technology


Reliable Manufacturing System

Manufacturing Plantsin Korea and China with Advanced Facilities

he manufacturing plants in Korea (spanning 46,484㎡) and in China (28.716㎡) are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and techniques dedicated to elevators
to supply high-quality products.

Ultra-High Speed Elevator
Test Tower
(Hyundai Asan Tower)

Hyundai Asan Tower, a world-famous ultra-high speed elevator test tower standing 205m tall, researches and verifies the safety and reliability of ultra-high speed systems, products and parts such as vibration, noise and pressure.


Quality and Safety Certified by the World

Safety is the most important value of Hyundai Elevator as it is directly linked with one’s life.
To make the elevator safer and more comfortable, we thoroughly verify the quality from the development stage.
We will do the best we can for customer safety.


Eco-Friendly Energy Saving

Power saving applications of Hyundai Elevator such as the Regenerative inverter have been recognized worldwide,including the Class
A certification by TÜV SÜD, a German testing and certification institution, in the energy efficiency standard established by Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI),
an engineering association of Germany.


Service beyond Customer Satisfaction

Hyundai Elevator has established a distinguished service system by applying IoT convergence techniques of Korea, such as Hyundai Real Time Service (HRTS; advanced remote maintenance system). Its global network consisting of agents and subsidiaries around the world enables Hyundai Elevator to supply prompt maintenance service.